DJ Frisko Eddy has emerged as one of the most consistent DJs in the Bay Area. His distinct style of scratching, and blending of party anthems, spans every genre from Run Dmc, Tupac, AC/DC, Metalica, Celia Cruz, Daddy Yankee,  to even Daft Punk. He has performed at almost every club in the Bay Area. Other clubs Include The Park(sac,ca), Onyx(sd,ca), Sevillas(sd,ca), Infusion Lounge(la, ca), Antro (phx, az), Trio (pdx,or) and many more.


Originally from San Francisco, he mixes on air thru out california on different radio stations. He also reaches plenty of ears through his Mixes on streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud, where he has over 500,000 plays.


He currently produces remixes for several online record pools that reach over 185,000+ Djs on a weekly and countless basis, distributed throughout the US and Latin Americas.




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